In the limo on the way to the airport


Michael and Maddie trying to figure out where they could possibly be going

Up in the air


Inside the limo that whisked them off to their hotel

Aunt Jeannie and Michael enjoying the good life

Dave, the limo driver and Maddie

In the hotel lobby

At the Miami Seaquariam

Wading into the dolphin pool

Almost there...

Kisses with Noel, who was born on Christmas







Noel thought it was funny too




Feeding Noel

Nothing like a yummy fish chunk






Nice fishy fishy.  Give Kristen the ball

Watch Kristen and Michael's faces....









Maddie goes for a ride




 Noel drops Maddie off

Yee haw



For some reason I don't think Kristen is having as much fun as the kids



Birds can be fun too



Some folks just aren't bird people