Monday  -- December 24th

Christmas Eve!!!! We are all SO excited!

It has been a hectic week leading up to the big day tomorrow. I'm sure everyone has been going nuts! I never even got our Christmas card done! I am planning on sending one out sometime over the next week...

Thanks to all for sending cards. They're all great and all of the kids look so grown up in the photos!

We just want to wish all of you the Merriest Holiday Season ever! We hope you all find yourselves surrounded by family, friends, love and laughter!

Have a wonderful day, an early to bed night, and an amazing morning tomorrow!

We'll be checking in tomorrow for a Christmas update!

Our Love - The Savoie's

Tuesday  -- December 18th

Can you believe Christmas is only one week away!? Everybody ready?

We took the kids to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie Sat. night. It was so good! Makes you want to run out, capture a bunch of chipmunks, and have some crazy fun!

Our neighbors, Stephanie and Brian, had a bonfire when we got home from the movies. It was so beautiful sitting around the fire with snow all around. William had been wanting to throw his pumpkin in Brian's fire for weeks, so this was quite an event for him!

The driveway has been a sheet of ice for weeks. The kids think it's great to ride down the front "hill" onto the driveway, and keep on going...smack into the stone wall! I love standing in the window, holding my breath during each ride! Think they should be wearing helmets?

Remember those "hills" when you were a kid? I've been back to my childhood house and the big "hill" we used to play on is really just the slightest incline of grass. The "hills" always look so big through the eyes of a kid. Although they're not hills anymore when you grow up, they sure provide the best fun and the greatest memories!

Michelle comes home from college today and she has accepted her first "mission!" She will be taking Maddie and Molly to see Hannah Montana in concert in Hartford, CT. tomorrow night! Can you believe it!? It's the coolest gift ever!

Maddie was given this amazing gift from a friend of my sister in law in CT., Tammy Rich. Tammy has been following our website and wanted to do this for Maddie. We have never met in person, but I spoke with her on the phone yesterday. What a wonderful woman. She has two daughters of her own and they will be going to the show too, so Maddie will meet them when she's there. I hope to meet them the next time we're down in CT. Tammy, thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful and generous gift! This will be the memory of a lifetime! Have fun at the show!

Wednesday  -- December 12th

We had a good weekend. Ernie took William to his basketball game on Sat. He had a good time, even though he forgot his ball and water bottle at home.

Finished up the holiday decorating around the house. It's starting to feel a lot more like Christmas now.

Saturday afternoon was spent nex door, at the Altmeyer's annual Christmas party. Santa showed up right on time and the kids all sat in a big group, waiting for their name to be called. This party has been going on for a few years now and it's so fun each year to see how big the kids have all gotten, and to reflect back upon the year that has passed. It's so hard to believe a year has gone by.

After our own tree was fully decorated, I sat in a chair and just stared at it. So much hit me in that moment. Just thinking back over the last year, I truly don't remember some parts of it. It feels like it has been much longer than a year. Much of it is a blur. I know I Christmas shopped and maybe attended a few holiday parties, and did everything we do every year, but I must have been on automatic pilot much of the time. We went through the motions last year and made it work. We had to.

This time last year Maddie had finished up a round of chemo a week before Christmas and then fevered on the 23rd, was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and spent Christmas there. We had gotten the dog on the 23rd and Maddie just had a few minutes to meet her that night. So much has happened in a year...

Anyway, I am so looking forward to being home in our own house this Christmas and just being together. I just want to take every second of it in this year, truly cherish it for what it is. Maybe we'll all just stay in our pj's all day!

Big moment for Maddie Sunday night. She got her ears pierced!!! I had taken her a few times last year over the summer, right before she was diagnosed, and she changed her mind every time. On the last time, Molly got hers pierced but Maddie decided to wait. We (the girls,Terri and myself) went out to celebrate that night and had made a vow that the 4 of us would have the same night out when Maddie was ready. Well, once she was diagnosed, she wasn't allowed to get it done while in treatment, so after waiting for 16 months, the 4 of us went Sunday night, got it done and went out to celebrate! It was lots of fun and Maddie looks beautiful! Of course she hasn't been sleeping well now, with the earring backings poking her in the neck!

We want to thank the our mystery friend who left the Christmas wreath on our front stoop for us. We were so touched by this gift, as we were last year. It again reminded me of all the love and support we have had over the past year and gave me comfort in knowing it's still here. So, it's more than just a wreath and we are so grateful!

Have a good week and stay warm. It's going to get ugly! p.s.  Happy Birthday Nan!

Monday  -- December 3rd

What a crazy weekend!

Had a wonderful visit from Colleen Duffy and her little dog, Abby, Friday afternoon. Abby and Hope had a great time together! Doggy Playdates, who would've ever thought...

William had a birthday party Friday night. He had a blast!

Thomas woke up Friday night and was sick throughout the night. That's always fun...

Saturday morning William had his first day of basketball at 8:30am. He had a good time and looked so cute out there, running with the ball and stealing it from his teammates! Go team!

I took Michael, Maddie and William to the annual Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund Holiday party at the Newton Marriott, that went from 11-3. They do such an amazing job for the kids and families. Ernie had to stay home with Thomas, but we made sure to bring his goodies home for him.

Saturday night, Ernie and I went to a fund raising dinner to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. It's called the Holiday Wish Dance. It was so beautifully done and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was a bummer we didn't win any of the raffles, but it was great to get dressed up, see friends, and raise money for such a wonderful cause.

Sunday we were off running again. I took Maddie back to the Newton Marriott for the kick off party for the annual Miles for Miracles marathon. We are paired up with two runners, Kristin D'Orsi and Claude Berreckman. It will be another great experience. We are hoping to do some fund raising for the event, so we'll post about that soon.

Ernie spent Sunday afternoon with the boys. He took them to the town Christmas parade. They all had a great time even though it was freezing out!

We had hoped to put up the Christmas tree last night but we were all so darn pooped! Maybe tonight?


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